Setup integration with Gmail

Empower your Gmail with Nicereply. In this article you can find out everything important about the Nicereply integration.

  • By the end of step 2: You’ll understand how the customer feedback is collected and distributed
  • By the end of step 3: You’ll be up and ready to start collecting customer feedback from your Gmail account
         NOTE: every step in the article is the same for CSAT and CES.

Collect customer feedback

Use Nicereply to track CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) and CES (Customer Effort Score).

1. CSAT  – How was your experience with our support?

2. CES – Did the company make it easy for me to handle my issue?

Survey distribution

Email template

Insert CSAT/CES into the emails you send. Place HTML code to your signature or any custom email template.

Adding CSAT/CES to Gmail

1. Choose the customer satisfaction metric in the “left menu” in your Nicereply account, CSAT or CES. Click on “START CSAT”. Screen_Shot_2017-05-30_at_10_52_50.png

2. From distribution options choose "EMAIL TEMPLATE".

3. In the next step click on "SKIP INTEGRATION". When using email services such as Gmail or Outlook it isn't necessary to use specific system to integrate with Nicereply.

4. Connecting Nicereply with email services such as Gmail or Outlook requires you to add each user to your Nicereply account manually. Click "ADD USER".

5. In the next step add Name, Username and and Email of your new user. New users will get an automated email with login instructions from us.

    6. When you are done adding new users to your Nicereply account click "CONTINUE".

    7. You're on the good way! To collect customer feedback, you need to place CSAT (smiley faces) into your signature Gmail account.

    8. On this page choose between Smiley Faces/Button/URL link & copy (CMD+C/CTRL+C) preview of your your chosen Survey.

9. Open your Gmail -> Settings and scroll to the Signature section.

10.Click the option that you want to include signature in your e-mails.

    11. Place your cursor where you want your Nicereply Survey and paste (CMD+V/CTRL+V) the Survey HTML code. Then click the option insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the "--" line that precedes it.

     12. When you are done Don’t forget to save the changes in Gmail settings.

     13. Once you're done, you can click finish setup in your Nicereply account.

Good Job!

Your Gmail templates will now contain CSAT code (smiley faces) and all collected ratings will be stored in Nicereply under CSAT tab.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 11.05.53.png

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