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Measure customer satisfaction using Zendesk + Nicereply

  1. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) – How was your experience with our support?
  2. Customer Effort Score (CES) – Did the company make it easy for me to handle my issue?


  • Admin access to a Nicereply Account
  • Admin access to a Zendesk Account

Connect your Desk with Nicereply

  1. In Nicereply, click on the Settings tab -> Integrations -> Add new Integration -> and choose from the app directory.
  2. Add your URL, e.g., your key, secret, and access tokens.

  1. Hit Connect and continue to activation of your agents in a next step
  2. Activate your Desk agents in Nicereply
  3. Finish the setup

CSAT Activation

In order to collect customer satisfaction (CSAT) feedback need to update your email templates:

Within integration there are options to:

1. Go to > Admin – Channels > Email > Reply Themes and Add Theme:

2. In Nicereply go to CSAT > Rating Page Settings, click on Rating link button and copy code for Smiley faces:

3. Switch back to Desk and in Edit Reply Theme dialog scroll down to HTML Body and replace following HTML code: 

by new Nicereply Smiley faces HTML code:

4. We need to do the same for pure  Text emails too, so copy Nicereply URL Link code

Switch back to Desk and in Edit Reply Theme dialog, scroll down to Text Body and replace following code: 

by new Nicereply URL Link code:  

6. We are almost done –  close Edit Reply Theme dialog by Update button and activate the theme by switching the Default button to new Nicereply theme:

Great job!

Your email templates will now contain Nicereply rating links (smiley faces) and all collected ratings will be stored in Nicereply and pushed into your Desk ticket:

CSAT Integration options

You can change integration options in Settings > Integrations > ( integration) Edit settings

Within integration there are options to:

  • enable/disable push of CSAT rating value into Ticket custom field
  • enable/disable push of CSAT rating & comment as Note into Ticket

CES Activation

Before you are fully able to use CES with your  you need to Connect your Desk with Nicereply. If you have already done the integration, you can simply activate the CES by clicking the button “Activate CES”:

After CES activation Nicereply will:

  1. Start scanning the status of your tickets on a regular basis
  2. Send the CES email survey to the ticket requestor for all tickets:
    1. that has at least 1 outbound interaction 
    2. with type Email,
    3. with status Resolved and
    4. without ticket update for 48 hours (by default)
  3. Collect the CES rating and push the value & comment into Zendesk ticket

CSAT Integration options

You can change integration options in Settings > Integrations > ( integration) Edit settings. 

Within integration there are options to:

  • enable/disable push of CSAT rating value into Ticket custom field
  • enable/disable push of CSAT rating & comment as Note into Ticket
  • change the period after which Nicereply will send the CES survey
  • activate/disable the sending of CES

CES Troubleshooting 

By default, Desk won't close your tickets, but you should know that closed tickets can't be updated. If you have enabled the Time Rule to close your ticket, make sure, that period for ticket closing is at least 48 hours longer than the period after which Nicereply will send the CES survey.

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