Setup integration with Salesforce

How to install

Note: Make sure that you have an admin right for both accounts.

Nicereply setup  

  1. Go to Integrations -> Add new Integration -> and choose Salesforce from the app directory
  2. Add or upload CSV with your agents. Make sure that Nicreply Username is same as your SFDC User ID -> Find a Salesforce User ID
    • Add them one by one or
    • Upload CSV file for bulk import with structure: Full name, Email, Salesforce User ID

  3. Go to Rating Page Settings and open Ticket Link set up page:
  4. Insert URL of your Salesforce instalation as Custom Ticket link and do not forget to place <TICKET_ID> at the end of URL. ("" is just an example)

Salesforce setup

  1. Go to Rating Page Settings and this time open Rating link copy the HTML code
  2. Go to Salesforce and paste the rating link HTML into email template – watch the video guide for more details: 

And that’s it!

You’ve now successfully connected Nicereply and Salesforce. Your customers will now be able to rate your emails and you’ll have the ability to easily evaluate the performance of your team AND see which ticket each rating relates to.

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