Setup integration with Live Agent

How to install

Note: make sure that you have an admin right for both accounts.

  1. In Nicereply, click on Integrations -> Add new Integration and choose Live Agent from the app directory.
  2. Add your Live Agent URL, e.g., your api key.
  3. Follow the setup guide where you can import your agents and customise rating survey.
  4. Paste your rating link to Live Agent, watch the video.

You’ve now successfully connected Nicereply and   Live Agent. Your customers will now be able to rate your help desk emails and you’ll have the ability to easily evaluate the performance of your help desk team AND see which ticket each rating relates to.

Enable Nicereply feedback for LiveAgent Chat

Built-in chat is great feature of LiveAgent. With Nicereply, you can collect feedback on quality of your service at the end of each chat session. Enabling Nicereply for LiveAgent chat is easy:


Later you will need your Nicereply "URL". Log in to your Nicereply in a new tab and find your "URL" at Nicereply > Settings > Company / Account settings page:

Set up of LiveAgent

Go to LiveAgent > Settings > System > Plugins. Find the "NiceReply integration" and "Activate" it.

Confirm the Activation by "Yes":

And Restart the application if necessary by "Yes":

Go back to LiveAgent > Settings > System > Plugins and you should see "NiceReply integration" active:

Great, we are almost done! Click on " Configure" and you will see simple configuration dialog:

Copy & paste your Nicereply " Company URL" into LiveAgent "NiceReply account id" and "Save" your settings. Now you can close the dialog.

Congratulation, you are done! You’ve just successfully configured LiveAgent chat to use Nicereply as a feedback at the end of the each chat session. The result may looks like this:

Note: If you don’t like the translation of "You can rate my answers here" in your native langue – go to LiveAgent’s Settings > System > Languages, find your language by name in a list and click "Edit" link. In a dialog switch to "Translations" tab, where you can search for "you can rate" and edit the translation by clicking on appropriate line:

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