Setup integration with TeamSupport

Let's say we run a hypothetical company that cares about their customer satisfaction, uses TeamSupport and wants to use Nicereply to get customer feedback on its agents' emails.

  • Our company is called Fat Cat, ltd.
  • We have two user agents, John Garfield and Betty Kitty.
  • We already have a TeamSupport account at TeamSupport
  • We have set up TeamSupport for email support
  • We've already signed up for Nicereply and created accounts for both of our agents.

Setting up Nicereply

First we have to edit the user IDs of our agents to match those at TeamSupport. Getting this ID is a little tricky, since it's nowhere to be found directly. However, when you hover your mouse over any Menu item in My tickets, your browser shows an URL in the status bar that contains this ID. It's the number after  "UserID=" (see the picture below). Enter this number without the "#" to the field 'Username' on your Nicereply profile in Settings -> Edit Person. We repeat this with Betty Kitty.

Next, we have to activate the Ticket Link feature (Settings -> Ticket link) to link every rating to a ticket at TeamSupport. We put the ticket URL into "Ticket system URL" field, in this case it's<TICKET_ID>

Setting up TeamSupport

Now for the TeamSupport part. We'll set up our rating link by editing the  Email Templates ( Admin -> Email ). The email templates are set up at the bottom of the page. Let's say that we want the customer to be able to rate our message every time we close the ticket. Let's choose the Ticket closed template.

TeamSupport provides a nice way to add dynamic placeholders to every email notification for customers. This means it's quite easy for us to construct a proper, working rating link. The only thing we have to do is add this to the email notification template body:

Please, rate my message here:{{Ticket.CloserID}}/{{Ticket.TicketID}}

Note: {{Ticket.TicketID}} placeholder is not documented, but works well nevertheless.

And that's it!

We have now successfully connected Nicereply with TeamSupport. Your customers will now be able to rate your helpdesk emails and you'll have the ability to easily evaluate the performance of your helpdesk team AND see which ticket each rating relates to.

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