Setup integration with Freshdesk

Nicereply setup

1. Activate Freshdesk integration

In your Nicereply account go to Integrations > Add New Integration > chose Freshdesk in the app directory.

2. Add users to Nicereply

Navigate to Staff section in Nicereply and select "add user". Each agent has her name, username and email. Especially focus on the Username in this part, it's very important to set it correctly. Nicereply Username must be exactly the same as Freshdesk agent full name (returned by {{}} variable).

Don' worry and replace the pre-generated username by the users real name incl. the special characters like space or diacritics:

Note: You can also import whole team via CSV file in structure: "Full name", "Email", "Username"

3. Setup the Ticket link

Now we will link each rating to a ticket in Freshdesk. Navigate to CSAT -> Rating page settings -> Ticket link and select Custom ticket link. Copy & Paste the following URL in to the input and replace “yourcompany” placeholder with your company name in Freshdesk:<TICKET_ID>

Freshdesk setup

Important! Switch off the feature collecting the feedback from your customers provided by Freshdesk. In your Freshdesk go to Admin -> Customer Satisfaction Settings and disable the customer satisfaction surveys.

1. Copy the universal rating code

In Nicereply navigate to CSAT -> Rating Pages -> Rating link:

Here you can see HTML for your universal rating code:

2. Place the rating code to Freshdesk

We are going to put the rating link to agent reply template, but you can use Nicereply in other email notifications as well. In Freshdesk navigate to  Admin -> Email Notifications -> Reply templates. We will setup rating button: 

a) Insert "Rate my reply" button image link to the reply template using the url:{{}}/{{}}/button.png

b) Link the button with the Nicereply universal rating code{{}}/{{}}

Important! – make sure to replace “nicereply.freshdesk” in both URLs with your company name as written in Nicereply.

That’s it!

You have now successfully connected Nicereply with Freshdesk. Your customers will now be able to rate your help desk emails and you’ll have the ability to easily evaluate the performance of your help desk team & see the related ticket.

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