Setup integration with Intercom

Intercom is a fast-growing platform for communication with your customers. It brings you a great opportunity to ask your customers for feedback via Nicereply. There are several options of how to use Nicereply with Intercom. This manual shows you how to easily get feedback from your user via Intercom Auto Message.


  • An Intercom Engage or Learn Package
  • A Nicereply Account

1. Add users/team to Nicereply

Login (or Sign up for a free trial) to your Nicereply account and go to Staff tab.  Within current state of Intercom logic you can collect rating for your team, but you won't be able to map ratings to agent. Create one global user e.g. "Customer Service" which will get default username "customer-service".

2. Get Nicereply Rating Link

To get the HTML Rating link snippet go to CSAT > Rating Page Settings > Rating link - here you can easily copy the HTML code with a selected style:

3. Set up Intercom Auto Message

Creating an automatic message in Intercom is easy. The first thing you need to do is decide who will be getting the message. From the user list, use the filter bar to target the exact user group you want. Find out more about auto messages in this article. It’s possible to create several variations of rules and select in-app message or an email as the contact channel.

In our case we use:

  • filters: Last contacted” -> ”Exactly 1 day ago”
  • channel: email

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 15.02.22.png

When creating emails using our message composer, it's easy to add HTML blocks. If you prefer to write your messages in full HTML outside of Intercom just import the source HTML when composing a new message. Read more about working with HTML inside Intercom in this article.

Click on Insert HTML and paste the Nicereply Rating Link HTML snippet ("Customer Service" in this example):

Save changes in HTML editor and as a result you should see message template similar to this:

Don't forget to test the template – your Nicereply rating will appear on CSAT tab:

That’s it!

Good job! You’ve successfully added a Nicereply rating link to Intercom. Feel free to get in touch if you’ve got any questions or suggestions. 

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