Setup integration with Front

Front takes the pain out of team inboxes and enables you to scale your customer support, your hiring, your sales and more. This manual shows you how to easily track customer satisfaction with Front and Nicereply.


1. Enable integration in Front

In the settings of your Front account, go to integration and choose Nicereply from the app directory. Here you need to do a few more things:

  1. Enable Nicereply
  2. Insert company URL - the company url is available in Nicereply settings
  3. Export team CSV - you will need this later for Nicereply and
  4. Save settings

2. Setup Signature with Nicereply Survey

Add {{nicereply.survey}} to your signature to insert a customer satisfaction survey. We suggest you add it above your name to make it visible! It's not magic, but the number of your ratings will skyrocket.

3. Setting up Front Inside Nicereply

In your Nicereply account go to Integrations -> Add New Integration -> choose Front in the app directory.

4. Import Users to Nicereply

Use the CSV with exported team and upload it into Nicereply and continue finishing the setup

That’s it!

Good job! You’ve successfully added a Nicereply survey to Front. You can check out the results of how good your customer service is on the dashboard in Nicereply. Feel free to get in touch if you’ve got any questions or suggestions.

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